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Jennifer Livingston from Schenectady NY USA wrote on September 11, 2021
Congratulations on the 26th anniversary of Braveheart this week. Found out I am related to Marjorie through Godiva, if you need a woman to stand in a cage(Mary), I've got the look!
Marie Young from Galloway wrote on August 25, 2021
Love you in EVERYTHING!! Especially as Robert the Bruce (both times). Added bonus is you're so handsome and easy to look at. Looking forward to your next project. Thank you for your work.
Danielle from Moosup wrote on August 8, 2021
Hi, I’m recently a new fan of Angus Macfadyen’s work! I did see him however in Warriors of Virtue, and it is a kids movie but it was one of my all time favorites. I also watched him Takin’ Over The Asylum, such a great show. And I’ve watched him in some of his other work too. I really enjoy what he brings to his characters. Some of them he even wrote entirely for sort of because what was written for them was boring to him. Anyways I really look forward to future stuff from him. I’ll continue to support his work because he’s a very talented performer. Oh I also watched Robert The Bruce, can’t say enough about how good it was. Plus he co wrote this piece so that’s amazing!! Side-note he shares a birthday with my dog Nugget!! 🙂
Katie L Viney from CHATTANOOGA wrote on August 2, 2021
I'm a big fan. Terrific actor 👏
Lori from Indianapolis wrote on July 25, 2021
Think you are a good actor have you done anything with comedy in it?
Karen Cosentino from Jacksonville beach, Fl wrote on July 20, 2021
You're a fantastic actor!!!
Karen Dagendesh from Colorado Springs wrote on July 19, 2021
Oh wow, Angus is just a year older then me,he is a sensational actor! Enjoy watching all his movies! I don't care for the stars of today but Angus puts his heart and soul in every Performance and it shows..he lights up the screen. Congrats to an Outstanding actor that I feel deserves much more recognition then he gets.. Iam a big fan..hugs to Angus from Karen...Colorado Springs, Co
Thomas Macfadyen from Cheshire wrote on July 14, 2021
We have the exact same surname. Normally in Scotland I find it spelled 'McFadyen'. Related!?!?
Dorothy Campbell from Grand Terrace wrote on July 11, 2021
Love u. U r amazing. U r real❤️❤️KEEP IT UP❤️
Kristen demaio from New york wrote on July 7, 2021
Love you in all your roles. Thanks hun
Daniel R. Levesque from Roanoke , VA. wrote on June 3, 2021
My brother Ricky just passed on from Parkinson's disease. Ya could a been twins. I'd love to send you a photo and his obituary. I would also like to send you a copy of a poem I wrote that delighted him when I tried to read it with a very un-authentic brogue. Your acting very much brought him back to me as your calm firm demeanors were kin like. Please feel free to email me. We lost him last month in the cold of winter.
Laura Phares-Wilson from Colorado Springs wrote on February 22, 2021
You portrayed my ggg....gggg grandfather, Robert de Bru's, twice. Thank you for doing my family a great service. We love you with all our hearts.
ML Betancourt from Jacksonville, Florida wrote on January 22, 2021
Enjoy your talents and thoughts during your interviews. Take care and God bless your endeavours always.
Lisette Luyckx from As, Belgium wrote on January 18, 2021
On an evening, looking around for finally a good movie to watch, I came across ‘Robert the Bruce’. From the beginning , I was taken away with the story, the characters, the images. The King was not played, he was embodied by Angus MacFadyen. The intensity was striking... I recognize the energy... Hope we can enjoy many more of your movies. Wishing you a good health and wonderfull places to ease the mind.
Pat Kaack from Waupaca, Wisconsin wrote on January 13, 2021
Don’t know if you’ll read this, but I first saw you in Braveheart. Your work as Robert Rogers in Turn is riveting, and inspired me to bring back out my Dad’s 1956 copy of Rogers’ Rangers and the French and Indian War that he gave me in 3rd grade in 1979. Thank You. Best to you. Pat
Heather Heathcoat from ROXIE wrote on January 11, 2021
First Saw you many years ago in Braveheart. It must be a beautiful thing to portray history so beautifully even when that history is flawed. Thank you. Love your personality that comes through.
J.H. Hack from Columbus, WI wrote on November 14, 2020
Just finished watching "Robert the Bruce", an exceptional performance in the movie. Keep up the great work.
Joanna from Beacon, ny, USA wrote on October 24, 2020
Love your work! Love your portrayal of Robert Rogers in “Turn”! Among other roles!
Jennifer Livingston from Schenectady wrote on October 14, 2020
So I read in the history books, your artisan skilled family coupled up with the other Mac families (MacDonald and MacClean) against the Livingstons when at the Sterling castle. We just loved to say no trespassing on King James I land. Look where you are now🖖, and we are here in New York, U.S.A. Salutations!
Thera Ramage from HEADINGTON HILL, Queensland, Australia. wrote on September 29, 2020
Loved you in Braveheart, We Bought a Zoo, YaYa Sisterhood (YUM), Cradle will Rock, and several more! A favourite actor of mine who is on my bucket list to meet! Keep up the amazing acting- amazing portrayal of Robert the Bruce. Free Scotland!