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cosier from EAST GRINSTEAD WEST SUSSEX... wrote on July 28, 2020:
brilliant. robert the bruce great acting. go back time and again to watch it. history lovely. thank you..rgds cc...
Kathleen Steele from Phoenix, AZ wrote on July 21, 2020:
I really enjoyed watching you in the series Turn.
Melissa from Seattle wrote on June 27, 2020:
I've been a fan since Miracles. Thank you for your inspiring work!
Michael wrote on October 2, 2018:
I have only seen you a handful of times but I REMEMBER you each time. always a big deal in a small part. main one of course being braveheart but even things like yaya sisterhood, and the republic of doyal. sadly the last as an American I only just discovered on nexflix, how they got stars like you and Russell Crowe on a tv show ill never know.
Lynda May wrote on July 16, 2018:
I feel your every character. That should be the essence of an actor! Thank you for sharing your gift.
Juan Garcia Torres wrote on September 3, 2017:
Quede muy satisfecho con su actuaciòn en Brave heart, como Robert Bruce.
Natalie wrote on July 21, 2017:
I first saw you in Soldier Soldier,and still watch it regularly on dvd. Only wish the part of Lt Alex Pereira lasted longer than a few episodes.
Suzanne wrote on July 17, 2017:
Enjoying your work in "Turn". Plus we share a birthday date--9/21. Continued success & good health.
Tracy from Toronto wrote on February 8, 2017:
Love your work, wish you'd come to Toronto!
Nicolas wrote on November 20, 2016:
i can't believe your awesome work, so inspiring. thank you so much!!
Katelyn Macfadyen-Miskulin wrote on May 8, 2016:
Doing some family research and stumbled upon your name (although angus is quite common among us). but the spelling of Macfadyen isn't... interesting isn't it?
Robyn Leith Stewart wrote on March 19, 2016:
I'm an independent documentary maker, living in the States. Thanks for sharing your acting ability, your skill, with us. I'm crossing my fingers that Scotland will get its independence within the next few years!
Fiona wrote on September 6, 2015:
Independence - Freedom - Love - Strength - You - Me
Linda wrote on April 22, 2015:
Mr. Macfadyen, I think you're one of the best actors and I consider you to be the Richard Burton of today. I've admired your work since first seeing you in Braveheart and your performance in that movie deserved an Oscar. You were so genuine. You are one of my favorites on the AMC series, Turn and I wish I could see more of you. Your appearances are much too brief for my liking. Even though you're not one of the "good guys" on the show, I can't help for but smile whenever you are on. You are brilliant and I look forward to seeing you in more performances.
Linda Maree wrote on April 22, 2015:
I enjoy watching the work you have done and are now doing ... Thank-you.
Faith Shives wrote on April 7, 2015:
I first saw you in We Bought A Zoo. I loved the movie & I loved you in the movie. Good job!
J.E. Matzer wrote on February 24, 2015:
I first saw you in the Braveheart. Your performance as Robert the Bruce was complex and heart-breaking. Absolutely brilliant. It is a performance I go back to now and then when I want to see real acting in film. It is one of the bars in which I hold for myself. To find myself on the same set as be able to work with you on of the true blessings in my life. Slàinte mhor Angus Macfadyen! Slàinte mhor!
ducky wrote on September 3, 2013:
I don't think I ever signed your guest book! bad, BAD ducky! So, let me just say that I find your work to be awesome, and your sense of humor to be outstanding. It's cool that you are a "real" person and not just some Hollywood caricature.
Ann wrote on February 15, 2013:
Just watched Braveheart again for the millionth time. I have to say...Angus, you should have won an Oscar for that performance. The expressions on your face were just gut wrenching when you betrayed William and when your "father" betrayed you. Honestly, I felt that pain. Brilliantly done. And honestly, Mel is a fine looking man but when you came on the screen....well, sorry took many women's breath away.
Julianne wrote on January 15, 2013:
I must say....most of my friends watch Braveheart to see Mel Gibson. Not me....I watch for the guy who plays the "Bruce". So much better looking than Mel. (Shhh, so not to hurt Mel's feelings ). Angus, you are a great actor, I have followed you over the years, I just wanted to say keep up the great work!!! I love ya!!! Well, best of luck to your future and just know that I will be anitcipating seeing your next work. Also just thought Id drop a line to letcha know I think you are HOT!!! Take care & God Bless- Julianne