Birthday Page

Mr. Macfadyen appreciates everyone’s lovely cards, greetings and well-wishes. This page is now reactivated for your contributions of birthday wishes, art, scanned cards, et al., in celebration of Mr. Macfadyen’s 60th birthday on September 21. All entries sent to will be uploaded and shared in the order they are received. Thank you for your kind participation.

from majikwood 2023

To Angus

Happy 60th birthday

Have a great day


Angie douglas x

from Gaëlle Ordeig

A very Happy Birthday to you, Angus and many more beautiful characters to play! Thank you for your artistic contribution

Un très joyeux anniversaire!

Lots of love from Charroux, France

from Michelle Micholz Thorn

Happy Birthday Angus! I hope it is everything magical and timeless for you.

from Morag Black

Happy 60th Angus when it arrives. Have fond memories pealing spuds at your 21st 🤣. Where have the years gone? Hope you have a fun time with loved ones x

from Deejay 2023

from Diane Kennedy

Happy Birthday to youuuu! Loved your Frasier character on Outlander. Love ya❤

from Shonna Rhein-Gariepy

I’m such a last-minute Larry, but Happy Birthday to you, Angus!  I’m raising my glass now- ok so it’s coffee, I’ll raise the wine later. 

from Angela D. Mitchell

Happy happy birthday, Angus! Thank you so much for all of the amazing characters past and present — wishing you the best birthday ever.

from Judy Moore

Good Fortune, Good Health and Joy are wished for you throughout this new decade.

I hope it’s a great one!

Blessings and Love,

Judy x

Dear Angus,

Hi! I hope you have a great birthday. You rock and deserve the best. Please take care of yourself. The world is a better place with you in it. Love and Light for you and yours. Blessed Be.


Deborah Canaday

Orlando, FL

from Marie-Claude Joncour
Bon anniversaire 🌹😘