soldier soldier

Television Series Appearances

‘Soldier Soldier’ as “2nd Lt. Alex Pereira” (Central, 1992)

‘Takin’ Over the Asylum’ as “Fergus MacKinnon” (BBC Scotland, 1994)

‘Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story’ as “Richard Burton” (NBC, 1995)

‘Miracles’ as “Alva Keel” (ABC, 2003)


‘Spartacus’ as “Marcus Licinius Crassus” (USA Network, 2004)

‘5ive Days to Midnight’ as “Roy Bremmer” (Sci-Fi Channel, 2004)

‘Killer Wave’ as “John McAdams” (Sky One, 2007)

  • U.S. Debut 05 Aug 07 on ION Network
  • U.K. Debut 10 Jan 07 on Sky Network
  • DVD Released 16 Oct 07

‘Californication’  as “Julian Self” (Showtime, 2008)

Television Series Guest Appearances: