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Angus Macfadyen’s Personal Fan Club (Now Defunct) Interview from 1997

Fan club: You were born in Scotland and raised in France, what are your impressions of growing up in France?

Angus: “Le chat est dans la maison.” 

Fan club: What age in your life did you want to become an actor? 

Angus: “As I child I worked as a clown in the circus. Laughter was my substance abuse.” 

Fan club: Was there a certain actor that inspired you?

Angus: “Gerard Depardieu.” 

Fan club: You have been in a lot of theatrical plays, which one is your favorite and what part did you play? 

Angus: “Topaze by Marcel Pagnol; It’s about the corruption of innocence.” 

Fan club: “You won the Questors Award for your play ‘1905’. Could you give us an idea what the play is about?

Angus: “A sequel to Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ set in the first Russian revolution.” 

Fan club: “All the fans want to know where did you learn to ride a horse so well? 

Angus: “In the circus.” 

Fan club:What type of parts do you enjoy the most in movies? 

Angus: “Characters who ask themselves: ‘Is there something worth dying for?'” 

Fan club:Do you research the parts in a movie before accepting them or follow your instincts? 

Angus: “Follow your instincts and try not to bump into the furniture.” 

Fan club:Who are some of your favorite actors? 

Angus: “Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Spencer Tracy,Harvey Keitel, Marlon Brando, Peter Sellers, Jack Nicholson, Jack Thompson, Tom Towles, Jack Lemmon, Jessica Lange, Monty Cliff, Ian Bannen, Luke Mullaney, Luke DeLacey, Geoffery Rush and David O’Hara.”

Fan club:What do you enjoy doing when you have time off from work? 

Angus: “Getting another job, painting, loving friends, and trying very hard to understand my enemies. Not arguing with God.”

Fan club: Were you surprised when you found out about the fan club? 

Angus: “Flattered.”

Fan club: Could you tell us what your impressions were when you were chosen to play the part of King Edward II in ‘Braveheart’? 

Angus: “A desire to end it all.” 

Fan club: What was it like making the movie ‘Braveheart’?

Angus: “I was terrified. Always am.”

Fan club: Which scene in ‘Braveheart’ was your favorite? 

Angus: “When young William drops a single tear at the graveside of his father. My hair stands on end every time.” 

Fan club: What is something that you would most want your fans to know about you? 

Angus: “The only demons in this world are in our own hearts, where all our battles much be fought.’ Gandhi.” 

Fan club: All parents like to talk about their children’s accomplishments. What do your parents think about your work, now that things are really happening for you? 

Angus: “They wish for me what all stable parents wish: An understanding of those inner conflicts which leaves us an ability to live at peace in a world quite mad.” 

Fan club: Now that the movie ‘Braveheart’ was your launch pad into Hollywood, will you be staying there or going back to London to further your career? 

Angus: “Stay in Los Angeles. The weather here suits the clothes I like to wear.” 

Fan club: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? 

Angus: ‘The glory of God is to seek out. The glory of kings is to conceal.’ (I’m not sure of the exact words. Re: The Bible.)” 

Fan club: Angus, on behalf of the fan club and the officers, we wish you the very best in your wonderful acting career and look forward to seeing you in your new movies. We thank you so much for this interview and will always support you in all that you do. 

Angus: “Thank you, Bonnie, Kristine, and Karen. (The shortbread was, in short, delicious) X Angus Macfadyen” 


“Fear is the enemy of all people, especially actors,” says Macfadyen. “Mel’s good at making a set relaxed by telling jokes and being crazy. He’s an actor, he understands the horror.”